Walkirya system

            walkirya is a global security system for controlling and watching one or more nets and all the elements involved in data processing and transmission.
        At the level of internal design walkirya is a software package operating within a computer architecture whose purpose is to ensure the integrity and security of all network elements in these computers operate, as well as the internal and external communications between the different users of the organization that integrates the network .
        walkirya consists of five interacting with each other:

1- An encryption studio called enkrypta for
sending and receiving encrypted mails, files and more.

          Press here to learn more about (e)nkrypta

2- An encrypted social net for chatting and messaging
called krymeet .Servers can be audited.

          Press here to learn more about krymeet

3 - A computer and net watcher called xkeeper
instaled in all the computers of the net

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4 - An operating system called deimos (unix based)
used for critical conecctions with displaced members.

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5 - And finally a robust net desing (physical and logical)
oriented to ensure the security of all the network elements.

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