Walkirya - Net design

           Walkirya System has a robust (n)et design (physical and logical) oriented to ensure the security of all the network elements. Interacting with the other system elements (Enkrypta, Krymeet, Xkeeper and deimOS), Walkirya achieved a high level of security in the organization in which it is implemented.

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The operating core of walkirya turn around a fail over cluster (consisting of two servers with Windows Server) makes domain controller, Active Directory and control point and intercommunication of all networks and devices, both internal and displaced that make up the computer system and data management is to manage safely and reliably.

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           1- Control Point What is a failover cluster?
           The Core of Walkirya System resolves around a failover cluster that is the control point through which all communications system established to and from the outside.
           A cluster failover is a group of servers (called nodes) physically connected to each other through physical and logical means, so that if an error occurs in one of the cluster nodes, the other begins to provide service ( This process is called failover). Once repaired the fallen node Cluster regains its original integrity transparently to users, who do not notice interruptions in service.