Download (e)nkrypta

           Thank you for downloading (e)nkrypta . Your dates and communications will now be safer.

           - Enkrypta for Linux is still in testing phase. It will be available soon!!
           - To install enkrypta for Windows you need have installed Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

          Complete the following form. If you choose windows you receive in the mail a download link.
          If you choose linux one mail will be sent to your mail when enkrypta for linux will be available.

          Characters from a to z (only lowercase).

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          IMPORTANT README!!: Some antivirus programs like avast can block enkrypta download because not found in their database the adress warning that is an unsafe place. We are trying to solve the problem contacting with these companies to add us to your list.

          If is your case unlocked in the configuration of your antivirus our website, or download the program from the alternative direction that we offer outside of our network. If the same problem is supplied to install it , Unlock it in the settings of your antivirus(can be detected as malware by its features like the cracks, mainly by their functions to decrypt using brute force and dictionaries).